Profile: Dušana Dokupilová, RNDr., PhD., Researcher

Research Field

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Energy poverty
  • Climate change
  • Carbon neutrality

Forecasts, Prospects, Analyzes, Strategies

  • Creating models and scenarios thoseat can predict future developments in a number of areas - the economy (the impact of aging on regions' incomes - the dissertation) and also energy poverty, environment and green house gas emissions connected with carbon neutrality.

Concise Profile

Dušana Dokupilová is a researcher at the Institute for Forecasting at the Center of Social and Psychological Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Her research is dedicated to mathematical modelling and forecasting in economics, energy poverty, environment and climate change. She studied at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Comenius University and she received her PhD. at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. She worked at the National Bank of Slovakia.

Scientific Projects

Selected Publishing Activity

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