Vladimir Balaz

Baláž Vladimír, doc. Ing., PhD. DrSc.

international mobility of persons, national research and innovation system, behavioral economics

Balog Miroslav, Ing., PhD. et PhD.

Innovation and industrial policy, Industrial transformation, Small and medium business
Dokupilova Dusana

Dokupilová Dušana, RNDr., PhD.

Mathematical modelling, Energy poverty, Climate change, Carbon neutrality

Fifeková Elena, Ing., PhD.

Economic development, Institutional quality, income and wealth inequality, Competitiveness
Filcak Richard

Filčák Richard, Mgr., MSc. PhD.

Forecasting, foresight and scenario development in the field of climate change and environment
Heriban Richard

Heriban Richard, Ing., PhD.

Labor market, Regions of the SR, Migration flows
Anna Hlavacova

Hlaváčová Anna, PhDr., CSc.

History, History of culture
Chrancokova Martina

Chrančoková Martina , Ing., PhD.

Slovak migration, Tacit knowledge, Mobility of students
Jeck Tomas

Jeck Tomáš, Ing., PhD.

Executive editor of the Economic Journal
Lucia Kotorova Slusna

Kotorová Slušná Ľubica , Ing., PhD.

Biobanking - evaluation of socio-economic effects, Health policies, Industry 4.0, Innovation
Kovacova Lucia

Kováčová Lucia, Mgr., MA.

Labour integration of vulnerable groups, Labour migration and mobility

Moravčíková Katarína, Ing., PhD.

Labour market, Regional disparities in Slovakia, Migration patterns in Europe
Mytna Kurekova Lucia

Mýtna Kureková Lucia, Mgr., MA. PhD.

Labour market and skills, Labour market hierarchies and inequalities, Labour migration
Nemcova Edita

Nemcová Edita, Ing., PhD.

Industry, EU industrial policy, Small and medium business, For Technology foresight

Nežinský Eduard, Ing., PhD.

Short-term time forecasting, Policy impact assessment, Institutions and competitiveness
Polackova Zuzana

Polačková Zuzana, Mgr., MA. PhD.

Social entrepreneurship and social economy, Employment and employability
Porubcinova Martina

Porubčinová Martina , Mgr., PhD.

Labor market and human capital, Information and digital literacy, Industry 4.0, Work competencies
Studena Ivana

Studená Ivana, Ing., PhD.

Human capital, skills, lifelong learning Labor market, demand for labor at the level of companies

Škobla Daniel, Mgr., MA, PhD.,

Social inequalities, Labor market, Social exclusion
Sprocha Branislav

Šprocha Branislav, RNDr., PhD.

Population development, Family and reproductive behavior, Population structures and families.
Stefanik Miroslav

Štefánik Miroslav, Mgr., PhD.

Building a microsimulation model of the Slovak labour supply to produce policy-relevant scenario.