Ing. Elena Fifeková, PhD., Ing. Edita Nemcová, PhD., Ing. Eduard Nežinský, PhD., Ing. Ivana Studená, PhD.
Rok Vydania
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The basic aim of this work is to capture the shift away from the dynamics of growth towards a more complex approach integrating the quality of growth, especially in the field of environmental sustainability and climate change.
Therefore, we focus on examining approaches that highlight the bottlenecks of economic growth measured with the optics of gross domestic product growth. We rely on growth- pessimistic views, drawing attention mainly to environmental and social risks. These approaches are confronted with the views of proponents of economic growth and their arguments that justify the need for economic growth. We pay attention to global initiatives, which have been drawing attention to the need to ensure global environmental sustainability, especially since the last third of the twentieth century. We reflect on the shift in global initiatives towards mitigating and preventing climate change. The EU’s strategic objectives in the area of sustainable development and the creation of conditions for achieving carbon neutrality are also assessed.
The scientific monograph is part of projects VEGA 2/0002/18 “Institutional framework of Slovakia’s economic development in the new phase of globalisation” and VEGA 1/0716/19 „Policies evaluation beyond GDP: impact of unequal distribution of socio-economic development”.

Ing. Daneš Brzica, PhD.
Ing. Karol Morvay, PhD.