Nová publikácia Nikolety Slavíkovej a Branislava Šprochu

Naša kolegyňa Nikoleta Slavíková a náš kolega Branislav Šprocha z Prognostického ústavu CSPV SAV a nedávno publikovali v časopise Demografie článok s názvom „Internal migration from and to municipalities in Slovakia with the highest proportion of people living in Roma settlements“.

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The municipalities in Slovakia in which the majority of people live in Roma settlements are characterised by several specific features. However, only limited attention has been paid to the process of migration and especially internal migration. The main goal of this article is the analysis of internal migration in selected municipalities with the highest proportion (more than 80%) of people living in Roma settlements. We tried to identify both the total volume and intensity of internal migration from and to the analysed municipalities, along with the available structural characteristics of the persons who changed their permanent residence. The results we obtained confirmed lower migration dynamics in these municipalities. We also found that economic factors do not play a significant role in migration within Slovakia. The most important reasons for migration were housing, for younger people following a family member who migrated, and, in older age groups, health reasons, especially in the case of emigrants. Factors behind the younger age of migrants from and to these municipalities include the fact that these migrants tend to complete education and begin some family transitions (childbearing, marriage) earlier than the majority population. Higher chances of migration were confirmed for more educated persons and, except among younger people, for people who not married. The results also confirmed the relatively narrow geographical area in which migration occurs, with most moves taking place over a short distance.