Rok / Year
Číslo / Volume
Volume 14, No 2
Strany / Pages
6 - 27
Autori / Authors
Aneta Kudolániová
Jazyk / Language
Publikované / Published
Vydavateľ / Publisher
Prognostický ústav CSPV SAV
Dokument / Document
Popis / Abstract
The current increase in prices (2022) in the European energy markets and its supply concerns hinder access to affordable energy. This paper aims to find out what everyday challenges households of pensioners face while considered the most energy vulnerable group in Slovakia. The theoretical framework is based on “energy culture” according to Stephenson et al. (2015). The paper uses a “bottom-up” approach by conducting 10 semi-structured interviews with energy vulnerable households of pensioners in Slovakia to capture their lived experiences. Analysis of the data points to systematic forces that drive energy poverty in Slovakia and shows that households of energy vulnerable pensioners have resigned towards solving their situation and therefore are not visible to policymakers. Moreover, the ambition of the paper is to contribute to the development of more effective policies and measures in Slovakia that are in accordance with the current EU objectives to protect vulnerable consumers.
Kľúčové slová / Keywords:
Energy vulnerability, Energy culture, “Bottom-up” approach, Households, Pensioners
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A. Kudolániová. 2022. ENERGY VULNERABILITY OF PENSIONERS IN SLOVAKIA / PP – FAR, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 5-27. DOI:

A. Kudolániová. (2022). ENERGY VULNERABILITY OF PENSIONERS IN SLOVAKIA. Prognostické práce – Foresight, Analysis and Reccomendations / PP – FAR, 14 (2), 05-27. DOI: