• Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • ENIS
  • COST Action CA20115
  • Christof Van Mol, Assistant Professor | Department of Sociology, Tilburg University, Chair COST Action CA20115 ENIS
  • Netherland
  • Martina Chrančoková
  • 10/2021 - 10/2025
  • NL, DE, AT, CY, DK, ES, EE, AL, MD, FR, FI, UK, EL, HU, HR, IT, IL, IE, IS, LU, LT, LV, MK, NO, NL, PT, PL, RO, SE, SL, SK, TR, BE, BA, CH, ME, RS
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  • https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA20115/
  • https://www.enisnetwork.com

Over the past decades, international student mobility (ISM) in higher education has expanded rapidly. This growth has sparked a considerable interest in ISM within different disciplines, research communities, and circles of practitioners and policy makers. However, there is surprisingly little connection and exchange among researchers across these spheres. In addition, ISM scholarship remains strongly restricted to scientific circles, despite the relevance that scientific knowledge on ISM has for policy and daily practice. This Action responds to the pressing need for systematic interdisciplinary and international exchange of knowledge on theoretical frameworks, research methodologies, findings, and best practice examples, and for translating scientific findings into recommendations for ISM practice. It is organised around five working groups, four of them addressing themes in need of scientific development, and a fifth one bringing together recommendations for practice:

  • (1) Global ISM flows and trends at the macro-level;
  • (2) Social inequalities in access to and during ISM;
  • (3) The social and cultural integration of international students in their host countries;
  • (4) The impact of ISM on graduates’ careers;
  • (5) Connecting research and practice.

The Action brings together established researchers, early-career investigators (ECIs) and PhD students from different scientific disciplines, countries, and research communities as well as stakeholders from international offices, international student and study abroad organizations, and different policy levels. The Action will offer comparative and practical insights into ISM dynamics by bringing fragmented knowledge together, with the main aim of generating new interdisciplinary and innovative empirical perspectives on the phenomenon and translating these into tangible recommendations for stakeholders. Action keywords international student mobility - study abroad - international student migration - internationalisation - exchanges.


International Scientific Conference - Economic Policy in Czechia

On September 05.-07.,2023, the scientists Edita Nemcová, Elena Fifeková, Eduard Nežisnký and Martina Chrančoková participated in the International Scientific Conference - Economic Policy, where they presented their contributions. Martina Chrančoková presented her output to the #studyabroad issue entitled "REPUTATION OF SLOVAK UNIVERSITIES IN WORLD RANKINGS", where she also shared information about the @ENISnetwork.


17.6.2023 - Hybrid Meeting WG3 in Warsaw

On June 17, 2023, Slovak researcher Ing. Martina Chrančoková, PhD. participated in the meeting in Warsaw. The aim of the meeting was to agree on further steps of joint cooperation. The photos show researchers from Working Group 3 (WG3) who also attended the meeting.


1.-4.6.2023 - 8th Business & Entrepreneurial Economics -BEE conference 2023 in Croatia

On June 1-4,2023, the scientists Elena Fifeková, PhD, doc. Eduard Nežinský, PhD. and Martina Chrančoková, PhD. participated in the 8th Business & Entrepreneurial Economics -BEE conference 2023 in Croatia, where they presented their contributions. Researcher Martina Chrančoková PhD. presented her output to the #studyabroad issue entitled "Migration flows of foreign students in Slovakia", where she also shared information about the @ENISnetwork.