Profile: Miroslav Štefánik, Mgr., PhD., Researcher

Research Field

  • Building a microsimulation model of the Slovak labour supply to produce policy-relevant scenario analysis on the implications of ageing, migration, educational or employment policies
  • Advisory in the field of public employment policy, including impact evaluations of particular active labour market programmes, but also policy design and management of employment policies
  • Processing big (administrative and online) data to produce policy-relevant information

Forecasts, Prospects, Analyzes, Strategies

  • Creation of a microsimulation model of the Slovak labor market - it has an immediate use in the field of forecasting. Its output is: a detailed demographic forecast, a forecast of the number of school leavers, the economic population, the number of foreign workers on the Slovak labor market, as well as the demand for work resulting from the need to replace workers leaving the labor market.

Concise Profile

Miroslav Štefánik has over ten years of experience in policy-relevant analysis and research and more than five years of experience in international projects. He focuses on processing big data to produce policy-relevant information, such as in program impact evaluations or forecasting. Among the topics covered are active labour market and training program evaluation as well as analyzing and predicting future labour market development.

Scientific Projects

Selected Publishing Activity